The platform offers businesses operating in highly regulated markets a way to confidently validate phone numbers, emails, and IPs to increase lead prospecting accuracy, and protect against fraud.

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Increased Lead Accuracy

LeadSheild helps businesses validate phone numbers and emails before purchasing leads, increasing lead accuracy by 67%.


Fraud Prevention

The platform’s AI models identify and prevent phone, email, and IP-related frauds, helping businesses avoid fraudulent activities.


Real-Time Validation

LeadShield real-time phone and email validation, helps businesses confirm phone number ownership and avoid leads creating fake accounts.

SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 Data Centres

Senolytics.ai dedicated data centers are located in Falkenstein, Germany and operated 100% by renewable energy. Data of our EU and UK customers never leave the EU. We maintain redundancy and security standards above the requirements for GDPR and FCA-regulated industries.

LeadShield Features

Here are the 4 main features of LeadShield

Identity Match

Confirm phone number ownership in realtime. Protect against creating fake accounts during onboarding by matching user-provided data against authoritative mobile carrier data and other phone number-based data sources.

Live Activity

Validate phone numbers and emails in your contact list are valid, accurate, and reachable. Get the live connectivity status, porting, and roaming information of a mobile phone number via a live HLR (Home Location Register) query.

Disposable Phone Number Risk

Assess the fraud risk of a temporary or disposable phone number. Returns a risk score that a phone number is a “burner phone number” used to bypass SMS verification flows. Identify line type information such as non-fixed VoIP, mobile, landline, and more.

SMS Pumping Risk

Assess the risk that a phone number is used for pumping SMS traffic instead of legitimate use. Harness the power of our network to detect non-legitimate account registration use, including SMS traffic pumping fraud (also known as Artificially Inflated Traffic Fraud).

Senolytics Fraud Prevention Scorecards

Companies operating in the financial niche use credit-score to assess if a person is eligible for a loan. We have created a similar concept to help data-driven businesses prevent frauds related to Mobile Numbers, Emails address and IPs. Our Fraud Prevention Score Cards are calculated in real-time based on a comprehensive set of data points:

We develop three scorecards:

MNFS (Mobile Number Fraud Score), EMFS (Email Fraud Score) and IPFS (Ip Fraud Score).

Our Fraud Scores represent the certainty a given Mobile phone, email or IP address was involved in recent fraud activity. The Fraud Score is calculated based on over 30 data points, mobile reverse lookups, partnerships with the most prominent shopping platforms and many millions of fraud-related databases obtained from the dark net. You get a simple score between 0 and 100, representing the suspicious fraud level.

Get Our Most Accurate Phone & Email Validation for Less Than €0.1 Per Check.

Yes, you read it right. You can use our LeadShield L6 Enterprise edition for less than €0.1 per complete check. And the great thing about it is that full email, mobile phone, and IP validation takes less than 0.2 seconds. Get as many credits as you need; no monthly subscription, no hidden fees and no contract is required. You can instantly save money by bypassing leads with unusable emails, mobile numbers or IPs. We work really hard to make our customer’s life easy.


  • MNFS (Mobile Number Fraus Score) : 85
  • EMFS (Email Fraud Score): 75
  • IPFS (IP Fraud Score): 90
  • Data recently leaked
  • Recommendation:  DECLINE

Made for Happy Developers

The LeadShield platform has an easy-to-integrate API. Upon creating a free account, you can access our API documentation with many JSON example requests, responses and complete code examples in PHP and Phyton.

Ready to save thousands upon thousands of Euros per month by validating your businesses leads in real-time?