AI Innovation Lab

Our AI Lab is the place where the rubber meets the road. The Lab is open for businesses that already use our Conversion Intelligence products and want to get to the next level of AI-based success.

AI Innovation Lab state-of-the-art innovation lab puts the power of the world’s most substantial AI models to work for your business. Everybody has access to ChatGPT and can write very nice prompts. But more is needed to build a robust competitive edge for companies operating in a competitive environment. The secret lay in the training phase! Our experts develop proprietary training techniques that produce game-changing results for companies. 

What do we do in the AI Lab?

We customize our proprietary models to help your business find the answers to predefined challenges, validate assumptions and identify new profit opportunities. We utilize a rapid prototyping and fail-fast methodology, so we can quickly see initial results. We can also develop a neural network-based model that uses supervised learning and reinforcement learning techniques to establish progressive efficiency. 

How Companies Are Using Ai Innovation Lab

Here are some recent examples of how companies use our AI innovation lab to thrive:

Financial Service Company

Developing a fresh credit score model that projects with over 95% accuracy the likelihood of a customer repaying unsecured loans on time.

Market Intelligence Provider

Analyze the report consumers and build a matrix of additional values the company can provide based on their information and current market position.

Global Affiliate Platform

Analyze thousands of affiliate funnels and identify new clusters with earning potential and weak clusters that wear out the network profits.

International eCommerce brand

Analyze and improve a complex omni-channel environment. We train models and managed to reduce acquisition costs by 27%.

AI Projection Lab is in Closed Beta

Currently (Until Q3 2023), our AI lab is open for companies operating in the financial services niche only.